Summer Is Coming To An End No Worries

Well it is that time of year again.  We as homeowners start preparing for the first snow to fly.

Northwest Indiana could have some of the worse winters, but we can also look at this time as a blessing.  Our kids are back to school, time slows down a bit and maybe we can get some projects at home done before the end of the year.

We can now open our windows so when we are painting, it may dry faster, and that fall cleaning really feels good in the fall cool air.  Watch all the colors of fall turn so beautiful and enjoy a nice cup of cider by the bon fire.

Dont forget to disconnect your hoses from the spigots just in case it gets to cold out.  Make sure all your outside decorations are dry and stored somewhere they wont get to cold to crack.  Dont forget to put up your outside planters for next year and all your outside lawn furniture will soon be going in the shed.

Projects to consider to sell your home this fall.  Paint interior all off white.  Some buyers can not look past that green you love so much.

Make sure you have de cluttered the house.  Move as much as you can out of the house to a storage unit or a friends basement so your home rooms look bigger.

Now the next thing is to make sure all of your furnace filters and even the furnace has a good cleaning and maybe even call your HVAC company to service it before winter gets here.

If you need a new roof on the house or detached garage, Fall is a great time to get that done.  Contact your local roofers and have bids done so you can get the best price. .

One last thing.  Power wash the house now.  It will keep it cleaner when spring comes.  There wont be any spider webs on the house to hold dirt and it will give the outside a fresh shine.

Happy Fall everyone and call Morgin Realty for all of your real estate needs